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HUMA 1105
Donald A Burke

Mays Notes AENEID Allecto one of the furies that were sent by Juno to start the between latins and the trojans Amata Wife of latinus and the queen of laurentum where aeneas and his crew seek their destiny amata opposes the proposed marriage between Aeneas and her daughter Lavinia she favours turnus and amata becomes mortal assistant to the goddess juno in her quest to destroy the Trojans and eventually takes away her own life one she realizes that aeneas is destined with the battle Arruns the Trojan warrior who slays Camilla and who in turn is killed by one dianas attendants Opis to avenge camillas death AscaniusIulus son od aeneas and his first wife Creusa symbol of Aeneass future extension of the future of troy destined for greatness Camilla one of turnuss allies female warrior Camilla leads a doomed attack on the Trojans during the battle in latium killed by arruns Dido queen of the city of Carthage one of the strongest female characters in Aeneid Left her homeland tyre when her husband Synchaeus who was murdered by Pygyeahmalion She swore she would never fall in love with another but cupid filled her heart with passion for Aeneas and so she falls in love with him but eventually aeneas has to leave for Italy and dido became sullen and crazed for having him leave her and she created a funeral pyre and stabs using a sword Aeneas leaves behind Diomedes one of the heroes of the Trojan war refuses turnuss request to aid him in his battle against Aeneas Evander pallass father and ruler of the Italian city of pallanteum he aids aeneasin his battle against the latins related to aeneas since both men are descendants of atlas He offers his son Pallas to Aeneas who would teach him the art of war and in hopes of winning the Trojan battle against the latins Juno queen of the gods and wife of Jupiter Juno is the driving force behind aeneass trials She despites the Trojans because Paris a Trojan did not choose her but Venus instead in the contest of most beautiful goddesss Junos wrath causes Aeneas considerable difficulty prolonging his journey to Italy Jupiter king of the gods husband of Juno he is the most powerful of the gods and the ultimate decider of fate Many gods his wife for one prime example continues to attempt to intervene Aeneass journey but it is Jupiter who guides towards his destiny Laocoon questioned the appearance of the wooden horse at their gates The horse was a gift from the latins and was told not to be defiled or else the Trojans would feel the gods fury When laocoon sliced open the horse two snakes came out and killed him and both his sons The Trojans believe that laocoon was killed by the gods for profaning the horse and so they decided to the horse into their city causing the fall of the already destroyed troy Latinus Latin king who encouraged the marriage of his daughter Lavinia and Aeneas which instigated the battle with turnus lavinias other suitor Mezentius former king of Etruscans and one of Turnuss most faithful allies Mezentius overcomes with grief when Aeneas kills his son Lausus and sacrifices his own life in attempt at revenge Palinurus the pilot of aeneass ship but is killed by Somnus god of slumber who puts him to sleep while he was steering causing him to fall overboard He managed to swim ashore but then is slain by island savages Pallas son of evander and aeneass treasured companion He fought with confidence and even told his Arcadian men not to run away during battle He is killed by turnuss who took his belt and wore it around as a sign of victory Vulcan venuss husband and the god of fire with Venuss persuasion Vulcan begins to constructs a set of new armour for Aeneas On his shield depicts the story of the roman glory that awaits at Italy for him BACCHAE Dionysus the god of excess savageness ecstasy Wine was also one of his gifts for he is son of Zeus almighty He returns to thebes to initate the land of his birth He also returned for revenge for his mother sake Semeles sisters called Semele a liar for claiming she was Zeuss brides and the denied the divinity of Semeles child which was he Dionysus Maenads women of Thebes possessed by Dionysus who ran through the wilderness of Cithaeron performing miracles through the power of the god Chorus of Asian Bacchae followers of Dionysus who have come with him from Asia They are not possessed so their will is on their own In the end they pity the victims of Dionysus The gods revenge is too harsh and the chorus look on agave and Cadmus with sorrow compassion Pentheus king of thebes He is impatient and an impetous king he rejects the new religion and its god He rejects anything he does not understand and his greatest crime is his lack of selfknowledge Dionysus preys easily on the boys weakness turning the young king into a scapegoat for the crimes of thebes Eventually he is slaughtered by his mother agave who cuts off his head and goes back to the palace with his head thinking that she had cut off a lions head Agave daughter of Cadmus and the sister of the late semele Mother of pentheus She denied Dionysus when she said semele was not pregnant with the child of zeus and is one of the targets of Dionysuss revenge She became possessed and with the help of other maenads she rips pentheus to pieces with her bare hands She returns to thebes splattered with her sons blood carrying his head impaled on a stick Cadmus shocked speaks with her gently until the madness passes until then does she realize what she was holding She is then banished from thebes for the murder of her son POSSIBLE TERMS Xenia hospitality Xenia is the Greek concept of hospitality or generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home Xenia was displayed many times throughout Odysseuss
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