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HUMA 1220
Nicholas Elson

1 HUMA1220/ESL1000 Canadian Language and Culture Essay Checklist Student Name:________________________________ Save this checklist on your computer, so that it can be updated when you have an item to add that is something you need to check before handing an assignment in. Attach the checklist, with the items checked, after you have reviewed the paper for each particular item. Note: if unclear about any of the elements of essay writing mentioned below, check with the instructor. 1. Assignment The essay meets the requirements of the assignment (“What am I being asked to do?”) It meets the requirements of the assignment in terms of resources used and responding to the assignment with a relevant argument. The topic and the main argument (thesis) are clearly indicated. 2. Formatting: A cover page with essay title/course name/number/instructor’s name/ your name and student number. Conclusion refers back to the thesis and answers the question “So what?” There is a clear sense of sections and sub-arguments for those sections. Essay is double spaced Reference section is included at the end of the paper, properly formatted. 3. Quotations: Formatted according to APA guidelines as required Signal phrases used to lead into quotations, as appropriate. Quotations are exactly as in the original. You have explained, analysed, commented on the quotations, as
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