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HUMA 1740
Janet Ritch

Final Exam Review January 10Louis RielMetis spokesman founder of Manitoba leader of North West rebellionExecuted on November 16 1885 in ReginaTo the Metis he is a hero a powerful spokesman for their aspirationsHis father Louis Sr died in February 1864 th 19 century Metis largest group had developed a nationality which combined Indian and French Canadian elementsA grasshopper plague in 18671868 which had caused much distress in the settlementWhen the substance of Mairs articles criticized Metis became known to the settlement Riel defended the Metis against this unjust criticismRiel is ambitious welleducated bilingual energetic powerful deeply religious and the bearer of a famous namewas more than willing to provide what the times required leaderRiel with followers who had been recruited from the furbrigades recently returned for the settlement for the season took possession of Upper Fort GamyBrilliant move on Riels partcontrol of the fort symbolized control of all access to the settlement and the northwestRiel issued an invitation to the Englishspeaking inhabitants to elect 12 representatives from their parishes to attend convention with Metis representativesEstablished provisional government later became president of governmentFebruary 1871 Riel became ill mentally overburdened with concern about his personal safety and with finding financial support for his familyAgreed to withdraw canditure on condition that a settlement be reached on the guarantees made to the Metis regarding landDiscovered that many Metis in Manitoba sold their land to Winnepeg land speculators because they had no fundsskill to farm and moved to Saskatchewan and upper Missouri to hunt BuffaloMetis didnt believe Riel was insaneRiel later became a trader and interpreter Upper MissouriHe associated himself with the local Republican party because it seemed to be the best hope for procuring a reserve for Metis and for curbing the whiskey trade which was demoralizing his peopleWas a good teacher and conscientious though became restlessRelocation of the Canadian Pacific Railways main line in the southern prairie region had produced a collapse of band valuesRiel was a poor man who lived by charityFrustrated by the lack of federal action Riel was having a renewed period of mental disturbance
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