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Lecture 18 - *TEST INFO AND OUTLINE* + Special Economic Zone

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HUMA 1770
William Gleberzon

Lecture 18 1 July 11th, 2011 Test - Same format as the first test - First part = identifying terms (give in advance 20 terms, given 10 terms, define 5 terms) - Second part = 4 questions, answer 1 Special Economic Zones - Geographically limited area - Separate entity within that area - Those within the zone benefits it; those outside of the zone doesn’t benefit from it - Established in Jamaica (taken everything out of the shop, people working there never got paid) - In the search for lower wages = rush to the bottom, descent of the bottom - “Free Area of Colon” – a check point - Producing shirts within the country, it is to be sold somewhere else, not within the country o Only relationship = labour - EZ more found in developed country o Given special incentives by the host countries o Produce at the lowest possible - Freepo
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