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HUMA 1770
William Gleberzon

LECTURE 1What is historyThe record of past events that make up history however is incompleteRecord what they think is significanceOral traditionincomplete misleading because the stories people tell themArtifactsusing writing for 5000 years Medium it is written on how long paper takes to be destroyed stones History is select what is important to be remembered and how did we talk about itShaped by Culture and PowerWhat was important at that time Victory historyForgottenMistakes that were made Understand the past if we want to understand where we are now History as a Human VentureCollective struggles of people how they struggle together to achieve goalsMade by human beingshuman agency not puppets might we can affect the worldTaking chances tired of this situation and want to change itMight not succeed democracy uprising isnt successful in all countriesNo guarantees no obvious ends to all of these particular strugglesHuman agencythere is a purpose to all this What is CivilizationCity based larger communities who have the wealthsurplus in the ability in the individual to escape labour Human beings away from huntergatherer people to society where improvements in ability to grow food agricultural revolutiontransformed how human livedo Allowed development of surplus wealth grow more than what you can eat o Tradepeople developed that allows them to do thatNot civilizedbarbarians outsiders alien not one of usPolitical institutions form rules to organize people together to accomplish greater thingsHuman culture only possible if theres enough wealthsingle system of administration and law Not permanent rise and fall it will come to an end some pointempireparticular group of people dominating part of the world What is GlobalizationExample of the interconnectedness of civilizations and empires in the past and presentPopular in 1990s pushed by journalists Period of global financial market is more freer than in the pastGlobalization is inevitable how did it get to that pointTypes of GlobalizationHistorical Economico Commodity labour use of peopleEnvironmentalo Our activity has an impact to the environment o Global warming o Our activity affect people around the world o Green house gaseso Diseaseo Columbian exchangeColumbus discovered America o Both plants and disease are going across AtlanticTechnological o People develop thingso Sailing shipso Tech picked up by other people o A mechanism for people to become further interconnectedCultural o Develop culturesexpress themselves and to understand the world o Ideas religion artPolitical o Human should organize a society in a particular way o Develop ideas of how society should run o Done by a single ruler monarch system of retainers who help to advise him o Chinese societycivilized organized society lasted the longest o Liberalismliberal democracygetting popular and going from place to place o There are ways to organize society some are better and they get picked up or get in conflict with each other tho Revolution of 20 centurynd2 Assignment PaperNewspaperPaper Magazine Internet Resources 2 Other Any Other SourcesLECTURE 2 Modern HistoryPrehistory th Modern History1500 century o Egypt ChinaPrehistory5 million yearso Apes monkeys our relatives o Developed into the latest form of Homosapien sapien single species Most believed origins are devine some creation happened many years agorecorded in religious textso Replaced in science evolutionevolved from earlier forms o Transformed into what we are now resulted from interaction of one another and environmentSeparate us from mammals use of toolsPeriods in Global Human HistoryOld stone age PaleolithicNeolithico Agriculture as principle form of supporting themselvesAnciento Beginning of civilization to 500 BCE rise of newer forms of civilization like Greece Rome ClassicalMedieval Middle AgesModernEarly Human Development HominidsWe shared common ancestors of them we are just relativesHumanhomosapiens came out of Africa and migrated to Europe Asia Africa America Australiao Prior to migration hominids migrated too which existed before human Lucy Early hominid discoveryaphaeresis homophaebien Found in AfricaPart of Australopithecus linebecame us down the rowOldest common ancestors we have first mother Existed 45 million years ago Found in Ethiopia skeletonWalked upright but had smaller right than modernHomo Floresiensis hobbitsMigrated to Indonesia well before human didThis species is very smallthey are named Hobbits by archagologists Less than half the size of human NeanderthalsCoexisted with homophabien Killed off by humans Or reproduced integrated with humans and changed as both species They disappeared completely Ex from Valley of Germany and fossils were found of this species Found throughout Europe and Middle EastHistory of tendency of MIGRATIONCroMagnonLived in Europe earliest humans that lived in EuropeGeography and EcologyHow do you survive from a particular environment o Adapt to environmental challenges will be likely to survive and reproduce
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