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HUMA 1780
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[Type the document title] Topic/Word Definition Textual Examples Dystopian vs. Utopian Dystopian refers to a state that is 1984-totalitarian society ran by big unpleasant with harsh living brother, everyone’s thoughts are environments, tends to be constricted and monitored totalitarian societies. Utopian is A Scanner Darkly- a monitored society the opposite pertaining to a state filled with drug abuse, a divided by where everything is perfect, druggies and straights, everyone is when aiming for utopian many being watched societies end in dystopia instead. Byronic Typical male protagonist who is Dracula- Seductive vampire who lurred mad, jaded, seductive, arrogant women with his charm, but drank their and usually feels remorse for his blood action. Modeled on Lord Byron’s characters, he was the main poet of the romantic period. Machiavellian Outlines how a ruler should act. The prince- describes how to be a good Scheming and unscrupulous, prince/ruler involving autocratic work in a way to advance only regimes instead of republic and self your career. A ruler must be gain. loved and feared, but mostly The Godfather feared Backlash A strong reaction by a large A Scanner Darkly- law enforcement group of people in concerns of trying to get rid of drug use when the political development. entire society is ran by drugs and even law enforcers and rehab workers are drug users. 1984- backlash occurred with Winston and Julia and others which is why thought police exist Commodification of Virginity as a commodity. When a King Lear-Lear had a strong hold on his Virginity girl moves from the possession of daughters, was angry with Cordelia her father into the possession of when she wouldn’t marry who he her husband. wanted and wouldn’t love him the way he wanted.
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