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It is important in an attempted culture of Human Rights that Democracy realises it must be strong in the face of criticism if it is to achieve its goals. If terrorists or related third parties remember that along with Human Rights come Human Responsibilities and Democracy can learn to cope with, rather than control opposing views, Human Rights will not become a casualty in the War on Terrorism. John Valls and Michael Walzer the elements of just war is last resource. excuses of terrorism is that it is their last choice and walzers says terrorists usually resort to terrorism as their first choice and not as their last choice and that's the weakest part of walzers argument because how do we measure if people have exhausted their measure of resources. they are secretive organizations they grow from colonial situations. Valls • beleives that the state has a right to defend itself against the aggression of others. •justify violence for the greater good to be achieved • if war can be justified, then terrorism can be justified a swell • walzer refers to the claim of last resort as one of the excuses sometimes offered for terrorism •he suggests that terrorism is usually a first resort not a last one, he believes it never is and never can be. •walzer believes that every terrorist act is an act of attacking the innocent thus it is a wrongful act. •he thinks nothing justifies terrorism •terrorism as mere excuses John Rawls and Martin Luther king Rawls •there must be a strong cause for civil disobedie
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