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Astronomy Midterm notes Nats 1740 Chaper 1-5 (also useful for finals)

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HUMA 1825
Patrick Hall

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Astronomy MidTerm Patrick B Hall Chapter 1 Our place in the universe This chapter is a basic fluff over the concept of astronomy and space not much to take away from this chapter It goes over our place in the universe as well as some basic concepts like the Big Bang solar systems galaxies and so forth At the end of this small chapter it goes over the idea that we can only observe so much of the universe because light takes time to travel Also it touches on the idea that the universe is expanding why it looks like its expanding away from us Lastly it covers the concept that were always moving in different frames of references UniverseObservable Universesuper clusterclustergalaxystar systemsolar system Telescopic observations of galaxies show that the entire universe is expanding meaning that the average distances between galaxies are increasing with timeThe rate the universe is expanding leads to the age of the universe to 14 million years This is confirmed since we cant see past 14 million light years awayStars take the two first elements H and He and turn them into heavier elements through fusionThe further we look in distance the further we look back in timeWe are always in constant motion around the universe Earth rotates orbits the sun and our solar system rotates the center of the galaxy which in turn travels about the universe We are star stuffCarl Sagan 19341996 Chapter 2Discovering the universe for yourself In chapter two we begin to go deeper into the subject than chapter 1 We learn that our ancestors originally thought of the universe as celestial sphere around the earth and the start were on this sphere This was very convenient to explain the things they observed Later it covers why things in our sky rise and set the seasons phases of the moon and the slow motion wobble of our axisOur sky Originally the pattern of stars were called constellations but now astronomers call reigns in the sky with welldefined borders a constellation the stars just help us locate these regionEven though the stars look like they land on a celestial sphere in reality they very in distances away from earthAlthough false the idea of a celestial sphere is used to understand the stars the sphere has 4 important areas1 North Celestial pole is the point in the sphere directly above the North Pole 2 South Celestial pole is the point in the sphere directly above the South Pole
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