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HUMA 1905 Final Exam Review Notes (2010-2011)

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HUMA 1905
Peter Fruchter

HUMA 1905 Final Exam Review NotesThe Frankenstein Syndrome Readings Frankenstein Mary Shelly 1831 edBrief Summary Victor Frankenstein becomes obsessed with creating life itself only to find his creation an abomination The creature denied by Frankenstein and his human companionship sets out to destroy his maker and all that he holds dear Cultural transformation from pre to postenlightenmentSocietal and cultural shift from faithbased knowing to evidencebased knowingScience is becoming the new God and killing the current faithbased God Our perspective goes more likeMary Shellys story is a cautionaryAnythings Possibletale It shows the things we should not do and the kind of people we should not beNot just fear A tremendous hope for natural and unnatural science isThe Syndromethought to be breaking with every once preordained order of nature Human arrogance and ambition has immoral values and dire consequences may resultfrom successful completion of these products created by human arrogance and greed Olympian Science Titanic Technology and the Science Fiction Culture as an Optimistic Ending Readings From the Earth to the Moon Jules Verne 1865 Ishin Madeline Ashby 2010Brief Summary Verne The members of the Baltimore Gun Club decide to build a gun big enough to launch a rocket to the moon until an adversary places a wager that the project will fail and a daring volunteer turns the project into a manned flightBrief Summary Ashby Two men Brandon and Singer of contrasting characteristics struggle to restructure and rebuild their lives from scratch with a sense of optimismDespite Mary Shelleys warning that further advancements of science and technology will disrupt the prospects of humanity Jules Verne shows a brush of optimism for the continuing advancement of science and technologyThe divine order of nature may become reversed and the type of character Jules Verne the nutcase optimism of science and technology may have been something Shelly
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