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Oppression; Pedagogy of the oppressed ch. 2 These are the notes we took in lecture that talk about pedagogy chapter 2. Highlighted sections are also present, which can be used for examples in the ethnography essay. Lecture next week is canceled.

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HUMA 1970
Steve Gennaro

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January 11 2010 Worlds of Childhoodnext weeks lecture is CANCELLEDchapter 3 is pushed over to January 25 little miss sunshine is omitted from the course and is thus not on the examchapter 2 case studytheoretical philosophical ideashow inequality and oppression is made and maintained through institutions schools jobs etcoppression is an ongoing processeducation system is brokenemphasis is on knowledge as something that can be consumed purchased in universityemphasis is always on did you get the answer right not what process did you follow to get therestructures in which we learn also have to change process of learning needs to change its focussince we privilege facts and concrete knowledge we never ask questions about its validityits either right or wrong what does it actually mean
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