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Book of Negroes Book 3 Synopsis.doc

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HUMA 1970
Krys Verrall

Book of Negroes Book 3 SynopsisAminata begins by going back to the present day and speaking of her encounters with the abolitionists She statesI discovered that something happens when people realize they may never see you again They expect wisdom from you She knows she is near death but it not yet ready to go as there is still work she needs to get done before her passing Although her environment and circumstances have improved almost everything she sees hears and does reminds her of her childhood and time spent as a slave Going back in time in her story Aminata is with her new owner Solomon Lindo as they sail to Manhattan New York They are no longer on good terms as Aminata found out he played a part in selling her newborn son behind her back In Manhattan they stay at a restaurant and hotel owner by a Jamaican man named Sam Fraunces His business is very prosperous Aminata knew that she would not be leaving Manhattan with Solomon Lindo so she began to plan an escape as she believed there would be more freedom for her there Canvas town was where the free black people lived outside of Manhattan in the deep of the woods Aminata successfully escaped Solomon Lindo by hiding in the woods till he ship had left and found refuge wor
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