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York University
HUMA 1970
Krys Verrall

Historic Heteroessentialism and Other Orderings in Early AmericaBy Jennifer ManionInfluence of historical narrative is most apparent concerning the period of the nations founding and this is often demonstrated by those who seek to maintain structures of racist and sexist oppressionThese studies are sophisticated in their attempt to integrate analysis of gender as well as of women the experiences of women of different races as well as how the race functions and sexuality in terms of desire and intimacy as well as how the power frames and gives meaning to sexualityoHistory Matters Patriarchy and the Challenge of Feminism by Judith BennettShe finds two problems with the state of womens and gender historyDepoliticization of recent scholarshipNeglect of female scholars including womens historians of the premodern past and the lessons it holds for usThree explanations for this presentist readThe loss of the belief that women experienced a golden age in the premodern eraA lack of interest in historical perspective among feminist scholars in other disciplines Shifting attention toward a study of womens history beyond the WestAim of this essay is to highlight recent trends in the field of womens and gender history in early North America and to
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