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Plain Truth - James Chalmers Notes.docx

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HUMA 1970
Krys Verrall

Plain Truth By James Chalmers Candidus 17271806Pamphlet written in response to Thomas Plaines Common SenseWritten under the name CandidusChalmers was a LoyalistDefends Britains Government Monarchyprimarily bashing DemocracyExamines the Democratic StateExplains that it is also a government that is sanguinaryUses the republics of Greece and Rome to support his pointThe demagogues to seduce the people into their criminal designs ever hold up democracy to them If we examine the republics of Greece and Rome we ever find them in a state of war domestic or foreign Apians history of the civil wars of Rome contains the most frightful picture of massacres that ever were presented to the worldDiscusses problems with an armed resistanceIn the colonies excluding slaves 170000 men can bare armsreduces to 60000 after subtracting religious groups and Britains supportersStates that realistically the provinces are nothing compared to Britainhalf armed destitute of money and a navyExplores the difficulties in getting foreign aid and how the colonies will be desolatedThere is no way America will gain support
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