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Summary of The Country Journal 1,2,3.docx

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HUMA 1970
Krys Verrall

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The Country Journal No 1 April 1775First Congress Sessiondiscuss the nominations and vote for the role of the Congress speakerwho receives it holds power over the pace and structure of the CongressMr Benedict was elected to be the speakerSecond Congress SessionPatriots were called to the podium to introduce their ideas on New Yorks role in the Continental Association This would eliminate importation and exportation of goods with Great BritainModerates raised valid questions regarding how their farms and businesses would be affected The patriots answered that if adopted there would be some inflation at first but assured Congressmen that in time the Association would reduce inflation and manipulationAccording to votes the Province of New York did not pass the Continental AssociationShocking News From Massachsetts And New Yorks Military OptionsThe British who reside in Boston had attempted to seek control of Lexington New Yorks Congress immediately adjourned once this new was heardThe Continental Congress in Philadelphia has demanded New York send at the least 3000 men to support their newly formed Continental Army under the command of General George WashingtonThere are currently three main options that the elite men are struggling with1 New Yorks
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