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The Book of Negroes Part 1 Synopsis.docx

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HUMA 1970
Krys Verrall

The Book of NegroesPart 1Aminatas childhoodAminata was born in the village Bayo in west Africa in 1745Her father as most of the village was Muslim He was a jewelry seller and her mother was a collector of dried goods and a midwifeShe is secretly taught by her father how to read and write phrases from the QuranShe speaks both her parents native tonguesHer parents treated her with respect love and attention They educated her as much as they could in the time they were given She was also given duties to perform and was treated as a young adult They tried to keep her safe from the colonists Her mother teaches her how to birth childrenAminata is eventually kidnapped by white men and witnesses the murder of both her parentsThe travel Shes made to walk with several of her village neighbours across the lands of Africa to the coast where the colonists ships are waitingAll the slaves were chained some whipped if they were too slow The slaves had no control
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