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Two Treatises of Government Notes.docx

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HUMA 1970
Krys Verrall

Notes from the Power Point Lockes Political InfluenceThe American Revolution and French Revolution the result of Enlightenment Humanist ideals found in the Two Treatises1775 Beginning American Revolutionary War1776 Jefferson Declaration of Independence1783 End of American Revolution1789 Beginning French RevolutionLocke ThemesEquality and InequalityUniversal IdealsHumanistic Science and philosophyLaws of nature Understand universe humanityRationality ReasonDevelopment of just humanist institutionsFrom OffuttTwo Treatises Key ConceptsLaw of ReasonGod gave us our capacity for reason to aid us in the search for truth As Gods creations we know that we must preserve ourselvesTo help us God created in us a natural aversion to misery and a desire for happiness so we avoid things that cause us pain and seek out pleasure insteadWe can reason that since we are all equally Gods children God must want everyone to be happyEach person has a duty to preserve other people as well as himself Recognizing the responsibility to preserve the rights of all humankind naturally leads to tolerance the notion that forms the basis for Lockes belief in the separation of church and statePolitical leaders do not have the right to impose beliefs on the people
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