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HUMA 1970
Krys Verrall

Exam ReviewThe 3pronged course argumentoChildhood is a cultural social historical constructionDealing with the notion of childhoodsacred time in life that needs preservingThrough our social world and historical studies it is nothing more than a construct produced by our cultureoChildren are part of history and a part of the social worldChildren are a largely ignored part of historyEthnography is giving insight into their own social world which means they are a part of the social worldoChildren are subjects of researchOur ThesisoChildhood is a marginalized space but childhood is not ideologicallybased but depends on individualityEssay questionoDraw on texts from both semestersoMight ask to summarize the course thesisargumentLook at titles of lectures on syllabus Essay Question examplesoRepresentation of childhoodHistorical representationObjective approach to representing childhoodoLockeoRousseau oAriesGame Lack of representationoChildren werent allowed in congressoLocke didnt talk about children in his treatyoCreated a false representation of childhood brought a modern view of children by giving them power in the end it never would have happened in real lifeSubjective ApproachRepresentation through memoir oFlawedoSelectiveoPartialoIncomplete representation of childhood cant apply to contemporary childhood oRed Land Yellow River As Long As the Rivers FlowSubjective Research with ChildrenoAsking children to represent their own cultureoDominant Ideologies Talked about innocenceFirst day of lecture Childhood isbecause children are Notions of innocence
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