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Progress of Child.lit

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York University
HUMA 2680
Barbara Lazar

Development of Childrens Literature Phase I: -Medieval ( 1000-1500) GOAL: PREPARE CHILD FOR ADULTHOOD - infant to age 7, they broke up ages differently - no division of room by age, its all communal so children are exposed, they see everything happening in the household, even servants were part of the household - culture was essentially all oral, not everyone could read or had access to books: only royalty, church - fables, romance, stories of Bible, were childrens literature -childrens books were used to teach, instruct, dictate behaviours, conduct -were talking about literature written specifically for children -concept of who is that child, where did the concept develop from -evolution of themes on genras -no recognition of distinct childrens literature (there wasnt anything written specifically for children) - oral: folk tales and legends - at this time, many children died at young ages, they died from infectious diseases and parenting was based on communal parenting - what is a child: 1440 creation of crest by GUTTEN
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