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Age of Reason

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HUMA 2680
Barbara Lazar

The Age of Reason: John Locke (PHILOSPHER) -1740s -challenged Puritan mentality -he said all kids start as a blank slate blank slate: tabula rasa -Puritans say their mind is full of sin and Locke says their mind is clean -experience is what expresses or changes the mind, by touch, feel, smell, taste -he says its up to the adult to tutor the children, to show them the good from the evil -he says in order to lead the child one way or the other, they need to develop reason; cannot talk down to the child -they should be given something easy and pleasant to read -talk at their level, positive reinforcement (bribing)but nothing that could create an imagination -1740s, decade in which English childrens novel and childrens book got underway -all about human nature A little pretty Pocket-Book -Newberry, came out during the era of reasoning -the idea of, if youre a good child youll be rewarded and if youre bad youll be punished -tells the consequences for being bad and the reward for being good -designed to sell amusement and
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