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Fairy Tales

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York University
HUMA 2680
Barbara Lazar

Fairy Tales I: Traditional and Literary Sleeping Beauty -about jealousy, procreation, marriages, castles -fairy tale substitute -versions are reprinted; we know are not the real deal -there are many different versions of the same tale Myth vs. Legends vs. Fairy Tale Myth: usually about creation, God and how, they explain questions of life, unique to certain people Legends: about real, half-real, fake heroes, about battles long ago, about the past Fairy Tales: stories of magic, indefinite past, traditional themes 1.-general characteristics, take into aspects of timelessness, marvels NOT dreams, they are unbelievable 2.-some sort of enchantement 3.-usually about one person or family against the supernatural 4.-stalk figures ie. King, princess, boy: easy to associate good or bad. Heroes often referred to with generic names -often seen as folktale, all oral -puritans did not like fairytales they believed they were all lies, sin and mischief -enlightenment: fills the heart with nonsense -romanticsVictorians: they saw the child nearest to Go
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