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York University
HUMA 2680
Barbara Lazar

The Hobbit -his home is a form of his identity, who he is: simplicity and comfort, warmth, safety -hobbit not part of original world, part of middle earth, they were created relatively late -while marking papers, the sentence: and in a hole came out a hobbit is where Tolkien says his idea of this story came from -hobbit came from the world: rabbit and hobglobin -furry feet, ability to disappear resembles them to rabbits, unadventurous, stays at home a lot, loves food, lives in a v.confortable landscape -story of a creature who becomes a hero (he was tricked into becoming a hero) -the ultimate test of a hero is to descend to hell and come back out again: very easy to go into hell, very hard to get out Younge talks about the idea of a shadowthe downsideopposite to good, but the shadow cannot be repressed, it is corrupted by the ring, you cannot repress or hide away from the shadow you must acknowledge it -Jung looks at how this story can relate to humanity, mankind: he would discuss the reality that the shadow exists in all of, were a combination of good and bad -comapare his journey in the dark of the mountain to when he sees the dragon -Bilbo is the unconventional type of hero, not associated by strength, physical might, hero of witt, cunning, tricky kind of hero, stealer, decipher of information -hobbits become central to his moral vision, they become the centre, its the substitution of the common man as the hero -he used old English: haeleth -he used
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