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Carroll Lewis

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HUMA 2680
Barbara Lazar

Carroll Lewis Down the Rabbi Hole: Fantasy-Dream or Nightmare -1832-1898 -Darwin dethroned man, judge-christ image that humans are created from man, Bible word of God, but Victorians started to ask questions, started debating accepted thought -they began questioning what they were taught -after Darwin theory, Victorians started to question the Bible -social life was affected and hierarchies changed -idea of mass production stem from Victorian period -this working class was a wage earning class -Karl Marxx, who recognized this working class and noticed the shock that was happening to the social system once Darwins theory became prevalent -optimism turned into uncertainty and fear -pollution became a great disease (idea that the Victorian childhood is a reaction to this reality, this uncertainty associated with a rapidunchanging world -they saw childhoodadulthood as a linear progression: childhood is an image of man -Victorians had the issue of smog of pollution crowding this romantic period, they wanted to create barriers between childhood and adulthood, to build a wall: a separation of two worlds -it was the idea of nastaltia is the great barrier from adult adjustment to childhood, a certain regression
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