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Wizard of OZ

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York University
HUMA 2680
Barbara Lazar

Wizard of Oz L.F Baum (1856-1917) (LITERARY) -new. Wonderful world, first American writer -adaptable, optimistic author, self-made man, unmade then remade -he was a consummate consumer, always looking for the next best thing, he liked fun, amusement rather than opera and what normal people of his class liked (1900 he wrote WIZARD OF OZ) -motif of Journey and idea of the home -born in New York, youngest of 7 children and had heart problems, he was raised in a happy home, he was high middle class -he read fairy tales, was a devout Christian and believed in the Purenic idea of not ready fairy tales, the idea that fairy tales are against Christian belief -Frank was home schooled, his early years is when the civil war broke out (early 1860s), big cultural difference -change in economy and culture change, all had affect on Frank at the same time, furthermore the circus was being developed, the first of its kind: the largest possible -1868, h
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