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Information Technology
ITEC 1000
Peter Khaiter

AP/ITEC1000 Section N "Introduction to Information Technologies" Winter 2013 Assignment # 2 Due: Saturday, February 9, 2013, by 5:00 pm. Submission: Assignments should be submitted to the assignment drop box # 13 (TEL BLDG., third floor) before or on due date/time. York University's policies on academic honesty and plagiarism always remain in effect. The total number of points for this assignment is 130. Points for each question are [as indicated]. This Assignment is worth five percent (5%) of your total grade. Please type in your answers in the Answer Form provided. 10% mark deduction for not using the Answer Form. Answers not typed in will not be accepted or marked. Append your worksheets to your Answer Form. 50% mark deduction for not appending your worksheets. Textbook Reading: Chapters 4 and 5 (Lecture notes 3, 4 and 5). 1) [9 points] Find the eight bit 2's complement for the following decimal numbers: a) 121 b) -121 c) 54 2) [3 points] Is there a relationship between ASCII character representation of the decimal digits from 0 to 9 and their BCD representation? Explain. 3) [5 points] Assume that a 16-bit memory space is used for a sign-and-magnitude representation of integers with BCD whereby the sign is stored in MSB. What is the range of signed integers in base 10 that can be represented? Explain. 4) [18 points] Consider the two following decimal numbers: 15,675 and -8,741 a) Convert these numbers to 9's complement five-digit representation and show all the steps b) Find the sum of the two numbers in 9's complement arithmetic showing all the steps and convert the sum back to decimal c) Was there a carry or overflow condition in your calculation? Explain d) Convert the initial two numbers to 10's complement representation and show all the steps e) Find the sum of the two numbers in 10's complement arithmetic showing all the steps and convert the sum back to decimal f) Compare the two procedures and explain the difference of addition in 9's and 10's complement. Which one is easier to implement? 5) [6 poin
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