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York University
Information Technology
ITEC 1000
Peter Khaiter

APITEC1000 Section N Introduction to Information Technologies Winter 2013Assignment2 Answers and Solutions 1a Convert 121 to its binary representation 121 01111001 Positive numbers 102are always represented by themselves The answer 01111001 b Convert 121 to its binary representation 121 01111001 Using the 102second method for negative numbers invert and then add 1The answer10000111 c Convert 54 to its binary representation 54 00110110Positive numbers 102are always represented by themselves The answer00110110 2 Yes The four least significant digits of the ASCII code match the four bits of BCD 3 Between 7999 and 7999 This is because 16 bits provide four fourbit locations The lowest right most and the middle 4 bits can store any number from 0 to 9 In the highest left most 4 bits one bit is used for the sign leaving 3 bits for digits These 3 bits can accommodate numbers between 0 and 7 4 a 15675 is a positive number and is represented by itself 99999874191258
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