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Information Technology
ITEC 1010
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Part I 40 Each Question is worth 2 point 1 are raw facts that are not organized to convey any specific meaningaDatabInputcKnowledgedInformation2In CBISis a set of policies methods and rules for using CBIS aHardwarebSoftwarecProceduresdNetworks3An information system consists of 1 input 2 processing 3 output 4 feedbacka1 and 3b2 and 3c1 2 and 3d1 2 3 and 44The list of the names of the students in alphabetic order who received marks higher than 80 is the example ofaDatabInformationcInputdKnowledge5In an organizational database social insurance number of an employee is considered asaAlphanumeric databNumeric datacImage datadAudio data6Machine cycle consists of the following steps 1 search 2 fetch 3 decode 4 execute 5 transfer 6 storea1 2 3 and 4b2 3 4 and 5c2 3 4 and 6d1 2 3 4 and 57Data stored in secondary storage is retrieved based on 1 sequential data access method 2 direct data access method 3 indexedsequential data access methoda2b1 and 2
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