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Information Technology
ITEC 1010
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Chapter 4Internet WorksData are split into small portions and wrapped into packetsTCP is a transport layer protocolIP Internet Protocolis a network layerprotocol uniquely identifies each computer in the networkIP addressDomain name system DNSDomaina group of networksDomains are organized hierarchicallyDNS is based on hierarchical databaseVariabledepth hierarchyDistributed databaseCommunications Servicesby Internet Email Instant messagingInternet telephony VoiceoverIPVideo conferencinga system with universally accepted standards for storing The World Wide Webretrieving formatting and displaying informationHypertext Transmission Protocol HTTPWeb server receives a requestWeb server sends a messageThe connection is closed if Web client does not use keep alive optionWeb AuthoringStandard HTML is the common denominatorEnhancements to HTMLHTML editors generators publishersJavaXMLextensible markup languageInternet ApplicationsTelneta protocol which allows a user to log on to internet server remotely and to use ownclient computer as a terminalSSHSecure shellsecure telnetFTPa protocol which transfers files from and to Internet server computerA private network that uses Internet software and TCPIP protocolsIntranetsA network that links business partners to one another over the Internet by Extranetproviding access to certain areas of each others corporate intranetsVirtual Private NetworkA secure connection between two points across the InternetProvides the means for conducting private communications over the public Internet The process by which VPN transfers informationTunnelingDoes not substitute encryption
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