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York University
Information Technology
ITEC 3010
Hernan Humana

AP/ADMS24003.0 Fall2013 th UpdatedSeptember6 2013 REQUIREDCOURSETEXT/READINGS: CustomizedTextbook : Colquitt, Organizational Behaviour includes two chapters (at the back) from McShane and Steen, Canadian Organizational Behaviour, on Perception and Communication. CaseBook:Hoffman,R.&Ruemper,F.,Organizational Behaviour Canadian Cases and th Exercises. 7 Edition Alternatively the cases we are going to use in this course and in the exams are also available in e format EbookofcasesfromOrganizationalBehaviourCases,Hoffman, R. & Ruemper, F. (7 Edition) student can purchase on line.  Thelinkgivenonapreviousversionofthecourseoutlinedidnotwork.Thepublisherswere contactedandprovidedthefollowinginformation: Students should go to: https://secure.captus.com/registration/epub/ They should then go to this link to access it their copy of the case book: http://media.captus.com/httpflash/epub/ob-adms2400A13S/ NoCourseKitRequired Note:Photocopying more than 10% of a textbook is illegal, and may involve penalties. Do not duplicate textbooks or obtain these photocopies ORGANIZATIONOFTHECOURSE: DetailedCourseOutline Week Topic Readings 1 Introduction Colquitt Ch. 1 • What is Organizational Behaviour? • Integrative model of OB Casebook:Purpose and Analysis • Evidence-based research in OB of Case Studies 2 PerceivingOurselvesandOthersinOrganizations Taken from McShane et al. • Self-concept: How we perceive ourselves (ch.3), at back of customized Colquitt text • Perceiving the world around us • Specific perceptual processes and problems Case:Portrait of a Canadian • Improving perceptions Advisor • Global mindset: Developing perceptions across borders 3 BehaviouralOutcomes Colquitt Ch. 2 Case:Flexible Packaging • Task performance • Citizenship behaviour (OCB) • Counterproductive behaviour • Withdrawal behaviours (psychological and physical) / Turnover • Performance management • Level of analysis: individual, group, organizational outcomes 4 Attitudes,MoodsandEmotions Colquitt Ch. 3 • Job satisfaction Colquitt Ch. 4 • Value-perception theory Case: Dimitri’s Baked Goods • Job Characteristics Model • Forms of organizational commitment • Moods and emotions 5 Motivation Colquitt Ch. 6 • Motivation and effort • Theories of motivation Case:Motivation in the Boiler Room • Self-efficacy 6 CommunicatinginTeamsandOrganizations McShane et al (ch.9), at back of • The importance of communication customized Colquitt text • Communication channels • Choosing the best communication channel Case:Livelife Health Care • Communication barriers • Cross-cultural and gender communication • Improving interpersonal communication • Improving communication throughout the hierarchy • Communicating through the grapevine 7 PersonalityandAbility Colquitt Ch. 9, Case:Returned Goods • Personality • Cultural Values • Ability: Cognitive, Emotional, Physical • Individual differences 8 TrustandJustice Colquitt Ch. 7 • Bases of trust (pp.166-180 only) • The importance of trust Case:Robert Bart • Dimensions of organizational justice 9 TeamsCharacteristicsandProcesses Colquitt Ch. 10 • Team characteristics • Team development Case: Flexible Packaging Inc. • Task interdependence • Team composition • Team processes 10 Learning&DecisionMaking Colquitt Ch. 8 • Knowledge and expertise Case:Alice’s Expense Account • Methods of learning • Training and knowledge transfer • Models of decision making • Decision making biases and problems 11 • Power, Influence & Leadership Colquitt Ch.11 & 12 Case: Comparison of Dimitri’s • Types of Power Baked Goods and Motivation • Using Influence • Power and Influence in Action in the Boiler Room • Differences in power holding • Leadership styles and behaviours • Transformational Leadership Behaviors • Effective leadership styles 12 OrganizationalCulture&Socialization Colquitt Ch. 14 • Components of organizational culture Discussionofmovieclipfrom • Maintaining or changing organizational culture ‘SmartestGuysintheRoom’or • Resistance to Change Discussion of introducing • Stages of socialization cultural change to Alice’s • Managing socialization Expense Account case. COURSELEARNINGOBJECTIVES: To understand the components of individual and group behaviour, what influences that behaviour and how that behaviour relates to organizational design and performance. WEIGHTINGOFCOURSE Mid-term 40% Final Exam 60% Studentsarerequiredtopresenttheircurrentsessionalidentificationcard,andtheirYorkCardor onepieceofphotoidentificationattheexam. ASSESSMENT You will be assessed in two ways: a mid term exam and a final exam with a weighting of 40% and 60%, respectively. Details of each are provided below. Mid Term Exam – Sunday October 27 , 10am-12.30 worth 40% of your overall grade Location TBD • Format This is a closed book exam so you cannot bring any material into the exam. The exam is based on a case study from the course (i.e. could be one we have already done or one we will do after the mid-term) – Organizational Behaviour, Hoffman and Ruemper. You will be given a copy of the case in the exam. You will be asked to answer two questions about the case and then another essay question. Remember that cases are often written to identify different levels of understanding – thus some concepts may be easily identifiable whereas others are more implicit. Students who have developed an in-depth understanding of the course material and who have practiced reading cases and contributed to case discussions in class will be well-placed to do well in the exam. If you haven’t read any of the cases before the mid-term your achievement may be more limited. If you are at all unclear about what you are expected to do for the mid term exam contact your Course Director. Note also that you must notify your Course Director within three working days after the exam if you were unable to attend.
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