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ITEC 3210 Final: ITEC 3210 Final Notes

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Information Technology
ITEC 3210
Younes Benslimane

ITEC 3210 Notes ABC Mini Case 1) Structured Design: an architecture where we divide our network into 2 layers (access layers and distribution layer) Major benefit: expendability or connectivity of the network o Example: if another access layer is added into building 2, implement that access layer and connect it to the distribution layer, allowing it to connect to all access layers How it applies: you will need a distribution layer to connect all the access layers. A core layer may be needed if there are different departments in different buildings. 2) Use the ClientServer Architecture because its scalable, and is the default best practice. Justify using the indicators. HostBased is not used because company in the case is not a large, paperbased company. 3) Flat Addressing Scheme: used on nonIP networks Hierarchical Addressing Scheme: used on TCPIP network (used on ABC case) because: o You want to introduce a notion of structure in the network, if you want to allow users to subnet then they have no choice but to go with the hierarchical addressing scheme. 4) Each department is an access layer, list down what is needed For each access layer o 1 switch and 10+3+1 = 14 cables o Switch will be used to forward data from one computer to the other in that access layer o Purpose of the cables is to carry the signal in that access layer For the distribution layer o Interconnecting device: 1 switchrouter (move data between access layers) o Cable (to carry the signal) o If designing for redundancy, you need 2 interconnecting devices and 2 cables 5) Nominal Data Rate: data rate that is specified by the vendor on their pieces of equipment (101001000 or 1001000) measured in megabits per second (Mbps) Backbone: 10GBps40GBps It can affect the performance of ABCs network as the size of the pipe used to move data from a sending computer to a receiving computer. It affects response time. (Processing time + transfer time) 6) Normal traffic (10100), high traffic (100100), and multimedia content (10001000)
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