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INTL 4400
David Weitzner

Exam case rd - Ex: you are pricing manager at apple, where bc u are no dealing with 3 party suppliers who are increasing their prices - are you going to raise your prices, switch suppliers, absorb cost & minimize margins, or vertically integrate - Are competitors facing similar sitation? Are there other suppliers out there selling for cheaper? - Do an external analysis – 5 forces, SWOT o SWOT – only list a couple for each, tie strengths to opps and weaknesses to threats o Buyer power – if we can raise prices as opposed to swallow margins can we surive, will they push back to price increases o Substitutes – not a big deal o Suppliers – is this industry trend or just this supplier o Rivalry –  Make sure to list them all, but if only 3 are important state that you will focus on three - Analyze internal environment: o RBV o Value Chain analysis  Whether we have enough competences for vertical integration o These are complementary but different Issue: International Expansion - Use diamond & opposing pressures for which strat (global, intl, multidomestic, transnational) - If you want to remain where you are, but also expand into foreign markets , - Diamond based one initial domestic place with minor tweaks with expansion – global & international - If doing multidomestic, it has many homes & therefore you would have to do a diamond for each dif hom
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