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IT 3000
Kevin Reynolds

Italian 3000 Exam ReviewChapter 13Gender and Number Nouns taken from english are always masculin Abbreviated nouns retain the gender of the words from which they are derivedofoto f from fotografiaocinema m from cinematografoomoto f from motociclettaoauto f from automobileobici f from biciclettaNous ending in zione and ione are femininSingular Plural Masculin OI Feminin A E Masculin or Feminin E IMasculine Feminin eessaore rice oSome professions keep the male form even if it is used to describe a female oLingegnere oLarchitetto oIl chirurgo surgeon oSome professions keep the feminin form even if it is used to describe a maleoLa guida guide oLa spia spy oSome professions have the same masculine or feminin form but the articles changes to determine the sex oIlla pianista oLola psichiatra Some nouns need to add an extra h when transfered in the plural formocache Amica amiche oga ghe Targatarghe ogoghiAlbergo alberghi Nouns ending in an accent vowel or a constonate or an abbreviation of a noun DO NOT change in the plural form oUn cafdue cafoUn filmdue film oUna cittdie cittMasculin nouns ending in io have 2 possible endings depending on where the stress is oWhen the stress is in the middle or beginning of the noun the io just has one i in the plural Vecchiovecchi Grigiogrigi NegozionegoziUfficiouffici oWhen the stress is near the end of the noun the io turn into ii in the plural oZio zii oNatio natii Feminin nouns ending in ia have 2 possible endings depending on if its stressedoiaturns into ie when stressed in the plural Vecchiavecchie Bugiabugie Scia scie oia turns into e and drops the i when it is unstressed and when it follows a c g or sc Mancia mance Grigiagrige Cosciacosce Chapter 11 Presente Verbi che finire con AREAre Parlare Io oParlo Tu i Parli Liu Lei a Parla Noi iamo Parliamo Voi ate Parlate Loro ano Parlano NOTE When verbs end in iare you drop the i for the tu and noi form Cominciare Magiare Io Comincio Magio Tu Cominci Mangi not comincii not mangii Liu Lei Comincia Mangia Noi CominciamoMangiamo not cominciiamoNot mangiiamo Voi Cominciate Mangiate Loro Cominciano Mangiano NOTE When verbs end in care or gare you add an h after the c or g ONLY FOR THE TU AND NOI FORMCarcare Spiegare Io Cerco Spiego Tu Cerchi Spieghi Liu Lei Cerca Spega Noi Cerchiamo Speghiamo Voi Cercate Spegate Loro Cercano Spegano
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