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ITEC 1000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Transmeta Crusoe, X86 Instruction Listings, Memory Management Unit

Information Technology
Course Code
ITEC 1000
Study Guide

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ITEC 1000 Final Exam Review
The Little Man Computer
Mailboxes: Address vs. Content
Addresses are consecutive starting at 00 and ending at 99
Content may be
Data, a three digit number, or
Content: Instructions
Op code
In LMC, represented by a single digit
Operation code
Arbitrary mnemonic
In LMC, represented by two digits following the op code
Object to be manipulated
Data or
Address of data
Assembly Language
Specific to a CPU
1 to 1 correspondence between assembly language instruction and binary (machine)
language instruction
Mnemonics (short character sequence) represent instructions
Used when programmer needs precise control over hardware, e.g., device drivers
Instruction Set
Arithmetic 1xx ADD
2xx SUB
Data Movement 3xx STORE

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5xx LOAD
Input/Output 901 INPUT
902 Output
Machine Control
(coffee break)
000 HALT
Move data between calculator and in/out baskets
Internal Data Movement
Between mailbox and calculator
Arithmetic Instructions
Read mailbox
Perform operation in the calculator
Data storage location
Physically identical to instruction mailbox
Not located in instruction sequence
Identified by DAT mnemonic
Simple Program: Add 2 Numbers
Program to Add 2 Numbers

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Mailbox Code Instruction Description
00 901 ;input 1st Number
01 399 ;store data
02 901 ;input 2nd Number
03 199 ;add 1st # to 2nd #
04 902 ;output result
05 000 ;stop
99 000 ;data
Instruction Cycle
Fetch: Little Man finds out what instruction he is to execute
Execute: Little Man performs the work.
von Neumann Architecture (1945)
Stored program concept
Memory is addressed linearly
Memory is addressed without regard to content
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