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ITEC 2600 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Matlab, Structured Programming, Moodle

Information Technology
Course Code
ITEC 2600
Xiaofeng Zhou
Study Guide

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ITEC2600: Introduction to Analytical Programming
Course Outline
Winter 2020, Section O
Course Instructor:Xiaofeng Zhou
Office: DB3043
Course Web site:
You will need yor Passport YorK to login. Course syllabus, announcements and important notice will be
posted there. Please check Moodle regularly throughout the term.
Course Schedule:Wednesday 7:00pm-10:00pm
Location: ACW 204
Textbook & Reference:
MATLAB An Introduction with Applications, 6th Edition
Author: Amos Gilat
MATLAB: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving
Author: Stormy Attaway
Publisher: Elsevier
A Guide to MATLAB: For Beginners and Experienced Users, 3rd Edition,
Authors: Brian R. Hunt, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Ronald L Lipsman
MATLAB Documentation -
Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications, 10th Edition
Authors: Howard Anton and Chris Rorres
Publisher: Wiley
Course Description:
The course presents an extension of structured programming concepts covered in ITEC1620. Students
are introduced to new programming environments (e.g., MATLAB) for industrial applications and develop
skills in technical computing, data visualization and simulation.
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