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KINE 1000 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Feminine Hygiene, Sex Segregation, Voyeurism

Kinesiology & Health Science
Course Code
KINE 1000
Parissa Safai
Study Guide

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Kinesiology 1000 Practice Exam Questions
1) In the article Testosterone Rules, author Robert Sapolsky states which of the following are true:
a. Testosterone isn't causing aggression, it's exaggerating what's already there.
b. Testosterone levels predict nothing about who is going to be aggressive.
c. Testosterone equals aggression is inadequate for those who would offer a simple biological solution to
the violent male.
d. All of the above.
2) In the article Testosterone Rules, which animal, according to Sapolsky, is fast becoming the darling of
endocrinologists, sociobiologists, gynecologists, and tabloid writers because of their sex reversal system?
a. male monkeys
b. hyenas
c. sea monsters
d. orangutans
3) What does Spolsky say about the correlation between levels of aggression and levels of testosterone among
normal males?
a. Aggression elevates testosterone secretion.
b. Testosterone elevates aggression.
c. Neither causes the other.
d. Aggression is genetic.
4) Social Theories and Methods II
1)Name one major concern for the functionalist theory in sports.
a)does sports participation teach people important norms in society?
b)how are sports gendered activities?
c)how do people become involved in sports?
d)how does the profit motive distort sports?
5) Name one major weakness of the feminist theory.
a)It generally ignores issues of power and power relations in society.
b)It ignores that sport serves the needs of some people more then others.
c)It sometimes uses confusing vocabulary making it difficult to merge critical
ideas and theories.
d)It ignores that sport can be a site for creative and liberating experiences.
6) Name one major concern for the critical theory in society.
a)how is gender ideology produced,reproduced, and transformed?
b)how is cultural ideology produced,reproduced, and transformed?
c)What are the dynamics of social class relations?
d)Who is privileged and exploited in class relations?
7) Having a higher socio-economic status affords
a) a higher quality of life
b) a greater sense of control in life
c) private healthcare to avoid lineups n hospitals
d) better equipment and utilities to improve overall health
8) The social and class aspects that affect the determinants of health are
realted to what theory?
a) Feminist Theory
b) Interactionist theory
c) Conflict theory
d) Functionalist theory
9) Which of the following statements are false
a) Healthier nations spend more on healthcare
b) The working class use the body as a tool following the "instrumental

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c) Those with resources to develop/promote sports that reproduce their view
social life organize sport
d) a habitus is structured by and structures how we think and act
10) Men grant that women are disadvantaged, but fail to grant that they
a)have less oppurtunity than those who are higher class
b)are over-privileged in the curriculum
c)are seen as the dominant sex
d)all of the above
11) The privilege males have as opposed to women and the privilege that the white
race have as opposed to other races can be described as
c)confers dominance
12) This privilege is an unearned advantage that ________ white people.
13) Males fail to realize that sexism aaplies to them, in the same way that those
of the white dominant race fail to realize that racism applies to them because
a)they feel that they are doing their best to imrpove the status of the opposite
race or gender
b)they do not see their own sex or race falling under these identites.
c)they are unwilling to learn about the issue
d)none of the above
14) A subject that is more taboo than race privilege is
a)age privilege
b)ethnic privilege
c)physical ability privilege
d)heterosexual privilege
15) In the article "Openly Gay Athletes," most of the athletes who came out of the
closet felt as if they were being discriminated against because:
a) They compared themselves to people who had it better
b) They were not being discriminated against
c) They compared themselves to people who had it worst
d) None of the above
16) In the article “Openly Gay Athletes,” openly gay athletes often view their
silencing as acceptable to fall into a negotiated, segmented identity that
contributes to their own culture of silence because:
a) They fear physical hostility
b) They fear there would be discriminated against them
c) They feel as if it is not right for them to discuss their sexuality on par
with heterosexual athletes
d) All of the above
17) In the article “Openly Gay Athletes,” they discuss that openly gay athletes:
a) Are not discriminated against in society
b) Could threaten to soften hegemonic masculinity if they prove to be as good
as or better than heterosexual athletes
c) Are not as good as heterosexual athletes
d) None of the above

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18) In the article Barbie Girls Vs. Sea Monsters, Michael A. Messner seeks to
expose how
a) Men are the prime candidates for soccer coaches, while women are more likely
to be team managers
b) How gender boundaries become activated and enforced
c) Children’s level of understanding for sports is dependant on their gender
d) Majority of team names and uniforms reflect children’s popular interest in
action figures
19) There are 3 levels of analysis used in the article Barbie Girls Vs. Sea
Monsters. The ____________ level analyzes and describes how children “do
a) Cultural symbol
b) Structural context
c) Environmental
d) Interactional
20) Empirical reality of sex similarity is not clearly seen by the adults in the
article Barbie Girls Vs. Sea Monsters because of
a) informal and formal structured sex segregation of labour and power
b) informal and formal structured sex segregation of economic status
c) being unable to relate to the other sex
d) laziness
21) Which statement is true about “Theorizing”:
a)Always one theory is perfect.
b)Theories don’t have application.
c) Theories are a combination of description, analysis, reflection and
d) We theorize whenever we think why our social world is the way it is.
22) Which of the following choices explain a general theory about organization and
operation within all societies:
a)Critical theory and Conflict theory
b)Functionalist theory and critical theory
c)Interactionist theory and critical theory
d)Functionalist theory and Conflict theory
23) Which theory contributes to the idea that :”Sports are more than reflection of
society; they’re sites where cultural and social organizations are produced,
reproduced and changed”
24) Which theory focuses to study on the question that men who play sports should
be heterosexual?
25) What does the article Openly gay athletes argue to investigate?
(a) investigating how gay athletes challenge orthodox assumptions of
masculinity by publicly coming out as gay within high school or collegiate
teams and how they are affected by homophobia.
(b) Male gay athletes may can threaten the perceived distinctions between
homosexual and heterosexual.
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