KINE 2031 Study Guide - Final Guide: Broad Ligament Of The Uterus, Prostatic Urethra, Seminal Vesicle

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Linked ramus is conjoint ramus and give bottom edge of obturator foramen. Ramus of ischium comes forward to meet inferior ramus of pubis. Pelvic region from bottom up is diamond in shape. Front you see symphysis pubis where 2 pubic bones meet at front with cartilaginous pad between the 2. Take diamond shape and divide into 2 triangular shapes. Draw line joining the 2 ischial tuberosities together then following conjoint ramus of one side and other to where 2 pubic bones meet in front, then draw line from ischial tuberosity back to coccyx bone here and here. They are derived by drawing artificial lines joining skeletal components together. All of this together forms the floor to pelvic region. Most of floor is supplied or supported by muscle called levator ani. Gives complete floor to posterior triangular region (anal triangle). Attaches onto hip bones to form considerable amount of floor to urogenital triangle.

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