KINE 2050 Study Guide - Final Guide: Blood Alcohol Content, Raw Score, Central Tendency

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Population- all the organism, objects or events of a specific type. Statistic- any numerical term that describes a sample (estimate corresponding to population characteristic) Variable- any observation/measureable property; such that individuals may differ in this amount/kind of property. Quantitative- assignment of numerical quantity to the variable, which has been measured. Qualitative- classification into categories, distinction of kind not amount. (ex. Continuous variable- any value b/w max and minimum limits (does not produce ties scores when measurement reaches infinite degree of precision) Discrete variable- one can only assume numerical values (being restricted to whole numbers) Objective observation- one that is not in any way affected by the opinions/values or biases of the observer. Subjective observation- reflects the observers personal point of view (could be opinion based) Empirical event- something that may be perceived by our senses ( hunger, fear ) Operational definition- defines a variable in a specific manner of measurement (ex.