KINE 3340 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Female Athlete Triad, Bone Remodeling, Osteoclast

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If you cannot do the basics it will keep you from doing more complex things later in life. Physical literacy is very sport specific (doesn"t include dance and etc) Delay is when the progression is the same but below what is expected for the given age. Example child walks normally but doesn"t walk until age of 2. Delays are caused by damage to cns. Cerebellum processes info form other parts of the brain. Visual problems can cause no depth of perception. Some believe it is genetic others believe it has a environmental component. New study found that pa can help. Chemicals released during pa is idea for the brain to learn new things (plasticity) Adhd does carry on into adulthood but there is much less research in adults. We don"t need to expend energy to regulate our temperature because of. Osteoporotic bone is much more hollow and a person"s body weight can significantly decrease.

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