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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

1 BIOLOGY 1K - SECOND EXAM - SUMMER 2007 Instructions: This is a closed-book examination. Put your name on this test. Put your name (last, first) and ID number on your scan sheet. Bubble in the spaces. Read carefully all answers to each question. Put your answer on the scan sheet using a # 2 pencil. We will collect both the answer sheet and the exam at the end of the period, but you can write and make notes on the exam itself. The exam has 6 pages. Be sure yours is complete. You have until 9:00 AM to finish this exam. If you have questions, please raise your hand. Multiple choice questions. Choose the single best answer for each question. 1. “Metabolic water” refers to water produced: A) during the reactions of photosynthesis B) by photolysis C) during the reactions of fermentation D) in the thylakoid sacs of plants E) during chemiosmosis in mitochondria 2. Plants obtain ATP energy at night from: A) their mitochondria B) photolysis C) aerobic respiration D) the Calvin cycle of photosynthesis E) Both A and C are correct 3. The oxygen gas you are breathing right now is vital to you because it: A) splits water molecules by hydrolysis to release ATP B) reduces carbon dioxide to make ATP and sugars C) releases energy from carbon dioxide to make ATP D) unloads electrons from the electron transport systems of your mitochondria E) becomes part of the ATP molecules produced during the Calvin cycle 4. According to lecture, which of these is the general equation for photosynthesis? A) 6 CO + 6 H O ⇒ 12 CO + 6 O 2 2 2 2 B) C H O + 6 O ⇒ 6 CO + 6 H O 6 12 6 2 2 2 C) 6 CO2 + 6 O2 ⇒ C 6 12 6 + 6 CO2 D) C6 12 6 ⇒ 2 CH 3H O2 + 2 CO 2 E) 12 H2O + 6CO 2 ⇒ 6 O 2+ C 6 12 6 + 6 H 2 5. Which of these terms does NOT apply to the structure of a chloroplast? A) crista B) granum C) stroma D) thylakoid sac E) Both C and D 6. Which of these is NOT a product of alcoholic fermentation? A) H2O B) CO 2 C) ethanol D) ATP E) Both C & D 1 2 7. Chromosomes are made of: A) DNA B) protein C) lipid D) complex carbohydrate E) Both A and B 8. The energy in a sugar molecule made by the process of photosynthesis: A) comes from O-H bonds in water molecules B) is solar energy that was captured into electrons of pigment molecules C) comes from the oxygen atoms in CO 2 molecules D) is recycled from energy released during aerobic respiration (this process is called the “energy cycle”) E) comes from the protons of oxygen atoms that are destroyed by chloroplasts to convert mass into energy 9. Which statement is NOT correct? A) NAD is involved in both aerobic respiration and fermentation B) fermentation yields much less energy from a glucose molecule than does aerobic respiration C) the fluid material inside a mitochondrion is called “matrix” D) the reactions of glycolysis occur outside of a mitochondrion E) one of the products of glycolysis is 2 10. Two separate and genetically identical nuclei are formed during which stage of mitosis? A) prophase B) telophase C) metaphase D) anaphase E) interphase 11. Which of these is NOT an electron carrier? A) NAD + B) FAD + C) ATP D) NADP + E) NADH F) UPS (joke answer) 12. In the cell cycle, DNA is duplicated during: A) G1 phase B) S phase C) G2 phase D) prophase E) anaphase 13. Cytokinesis in plant cells occurs by formation of a: A) cleavage furrow B) cell fork C) membrane dimple D) cell plate E) chromatid 14. In mitotic cell division, sister chromatids separate during: A) S phase B) telophase C) metaphase D) prophase E) anaphase 15. Technically speaking, which of these is NOT a stage of mitosis? A) cytokinesis B) prophase C) telophase D) metaphase E) anaphase 2 3 16. Which event occurs during prophase of mitosis? A) formation of new nuclear membranes B) splitting of centromeres C) formation of new nucleoli D) coiling of chromatin into chromosomes visible using a light microscope E) furrowing of the cell membrane in plant cells 17. Which of the following is an essential part of a life cycle? A) meiosis B) zygote C) gamete D) fertilization E) All of these are correct 18. An adult insect has 16 chromosomes in its cells. How many chromosomes are in a gamete made by one of these insects? A) 2 B) 4 C) 8 D) 16 E) 32 19. A photograph of the chromosomes of a dividing cell is called a(n): A) chromatograph B) linotype C) photochrome D) microshot E) karyotype 20. Which of these is a product of the light reactions of photosynthesis? A) ATP B) CO 2 C) H 2 D) sugar E) Both C and D are correct 21. Which statement is correct? A) When you burn glucose (light it on fire),2Oand H 2 are produced B) Alcoholic fermentation and lactic acid fermentation both make CO2 gas C) CO 2 is a product of glycolysis D) Cancer is mitosis out of control E) Both A and D are correct 22. The genetic condition called Kleinfelter syndrome is caused by: A) extra copies of the X chromosome in a male B) a reciprocal translocation C) trisomy 21 D) having only one sex chromosome (a single X) instead of two X chromosomes E) Both B & C are correct 23. Which statement about meiosis is correct? A) It
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