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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

1 How are power and privilege crucially important to health Explain with reference to ideas and issues from relevant course readings and lectures Class race and gender place limits on the amount of agency we have in taking care of our healthClassEconomic Standing Socioeconomic status Enrolling in physical activity programs is difficult due to shortage of money that money would rather be spent on other priorities such as food rent clothes etc Even though governments offer aid such as tax returns for childrens sport but some dont have ability to put aside that much money because they need it for other places immediately Lack time for physical activity because time is usually spent at work trying to make money to live Unhealthy is cheaper Those with insufficient money rely on fast foods and unhealthy food because of its convenience fills you up cheap convenientLocation Environment Grocery stores moved with the rich to the suburbs leaving the central downtown area as a food desert Less access to grocery stores Without car they can only travel so far with heavy groceries on the bus therefore rely on convenience stores If you live in an area with more green space you are more likely to engage in physical activity Some neighbourhoods promote physical activity moreAccess to gym is it close byRaceFirst Nations Generally have lower health status Those living off reserves have higher socioeconomic status as compared to registered Indians living on reserves On reserves they have less access to doctorsNew Comers Generally have lower health status Some cultures do not encourage sport New to Canada are uncomfortable not informed about the resources that they have No volunteers to welcome new comers and show them around Lack of culture sensitivity in sport and coaching Students with parents born in Canada are more likely to participate in school based extracurricular sports activitiesGender Even in First Nations higher proportion of men report being healthy as compared to women White men have privilege easier access to facilities and are comfortable with the environment Not a culture for women Healthification area women do not usually use those facilities Some cultures do not promote women participating in sport
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