Coaching: BERGMANN READING (Review)

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

Winter term tutorial discussion slides Bergmann - coaching Bergmann reading Question • Which two main factors does the author identify as relevant to the question of whether intimate sexual and/or romantic relationships between coach and athlete are acceptable? Bergmann reading Answer: Power differentials Conflict of interest Bergmann reading Question • Why does the issue of power problematize intimate relationships between coach and athlete? Bergmann reading Answer: The coach occupies a position of greater power than the athlete, making it impossible for there to be complete equality in the relationship. This may lead to the exploitation (e.g. sexual abuse) of the athlete, especially if the relationship turns sour Bergmann reading Question • How does conflict of interest problematize intimate relationships between coach and athlete? Answer: The athlete may be given special treatment (e.g. more training time than other team members) while the relationship is sweet and be given special treatment (e.g. less attention and training time) when the relationship turns sour. Or the threat of doing so may be used to keep the athlete in a sexual relationship with the coach. In other words, the issue of conflict of interest shows how intimate relationships between coach and athlete can lead to unfair treatment, both of the athlete and other team members Bergmann reading Question • Although the author argues against intimate sexual and/or r
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