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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Yuka Nakamura

KINE1000 Terms and Concepts 12192013 123500 PM Power OppressionProlonged unjust andor cruel treatment StereotypingPrejudice to a group of peopleEg Black people are criminals Asians are good at math Additive Analysis of OppressionDichotomous ThinkingAll good or All bad Dimensions Of Gender OppressionBroken down into three further catagoriesInstitutionaleg Schools businesses hospitals workplace and government agencies o Challenge What was slavery Why did it startRacist institutionClass InstitutionGender InstitutionSymbolic Dimensionsbroken down into two sub catagories o FemininePassiveFollowerEmotionalWeakPhysical o MasculineAggressiveLeaderRationalStrongIntellectualPhysicalThe traits described in the previous slide are confined to just one sector of the males and females Its not an allinclusive set of traits Perhaps it fits mainly to Elite White Mean Individual Dimensions o Who are your friends o Do they look like you o How have conditions under which you were born shaped you as a person ResistancePower and how it is distributed in society Why does it matterIn this course what we are challenging in terms of resistance will beo What is the main reason for peoples poor healtho Who is healthy big people are unhealthy and lazy whereas skinny people are healthy Is it so HegemonyAntonio GramsciAntonio Gramsci defined power as the idea of convincing people especially those without power that their beliefs are the same as those with powerHe explained it as those without power would not should not question those with power They will also not overthrow themWikipedia defines hegemony as power or leadership one country over another or one social group over anotherTitanic metaphor those within the lower class category were in the bottom of the ship not even given the chance to try to climb up and survive PowerFoucaultFoucault claims that power is never totalPower is never belonging to one personobject ever There will always be pockets of resistancePOWER IS EVERYWHEREPOWER IS ALWAYS CIRCULATE AND FLOW ChangeChange starts with selfChange begins with self and relationship that we have with those around us must always be the primary site for social changeGive up on this generation and work on the nextIf we change ourselves it will affect others to do the same thus starting a movementThinking Critically And Critically Thinking SocializationActive process of learning and social development as we interact with others
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