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KINE1000 Mini mock exam for the final tutorial fall 2013.doc

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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

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1 1. In the “Sport and Representation” reading, the authors explain that the role the feather plays in Waneek Horn-Miller’s hair is: a) decorative b) denotative c) inter-textual d) all of the above 2. In “Whatever happened to the activist athlete?” Dan Treadway informs us that the celebrity athlete: a) does not support social causes b) receives no income from corporate sponsors c) has a narrow fan base d) none of the above 3. Patricia Hill Collins asks us who our close friends are to: a) remind us that we need to exercise empathy b) show us that we have been affected by oppression c) demonstrate the need for voyeurism d) all of the above 4. Which of the following is not a social determinant of health? a) Housing b) Food security c) Smoking d) Gender 5. In “The Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro 2007” the authors report that an actual consequence of hosting the Games was: a) the development of an improved public transportation system b) more investment in the city of Rio c) segregation of the people in Rio d) all of the above 6. In “Cosmetic surgery: Paying for your beauty” the author explains that women expressed concerns about having the surgery that fell on a continuum of concerns. Which of the following options captures concerns at opposite ends of the continuum? a) Financial cost; health risks; will the surgery be successful b) Health risks; what does choosing surgery say about me c) How will I look; financial cost d) Physical readiness; health risks 7. In “Nickel-and-dimed” Barbara Ehrenreich’s overall goal is to: a) explore the working conditions of minimum wage workers b) disguise herself as a low-wage worker c) investigate the housing conditions of people living on low wages in the service industry d) none of the above 8. Sharon Kirkpatrick and ValerieTarasuk suggest that perceptions of a strong community in low socioeconomic neighbourhoods are: a) crucially important to household food security b) very weakly relevant to household food security c) completely irrelevant to household food security d) none of the above 9 .In his piece “The ‘Wazzock Mitt Romney Is Wrong About the London Olympics” Dave Zirin explains that Mitt Romney is a fool to assert that the United Kingdom is _______________ for the 2012 Olympic Games. a) over-prepared b) adequately prepared c) under-prepared d) not prepared at all 10. Patricia Hill Collins explains that additive analysis: a) is present only at the individual level of oppression b) can help us challenge oppression more effectively c) helps us see how oppressio
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