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Kine 1000 2014 Fall & Winter Exam Review.docx

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
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Toward a New Vision Patricia Hill Collins Oppression Race Social Class Religion Sex Orientation Ethnicity Age White Feminist oppression as woman but resist white skin privileges Black women see poor white women as white power Additive Analysis of Oppression 1Dichotomous thinking blackwhite 2Ranked dichotomous thinking whites rule black Piece of oppressor 1New vision of oppression 2Ranking oppressions 3Change daily behavior Audre Lorde The true focus of revolutionary change is never merely the oppressive situations which we seek to escape but that piece of the oppressor which is planted deep within each of us change starts with selfrelationships are primary site for social change Sandra Harding Gender oppression is structured along 1 Institutional domsubPlantation is a metaphor for institutional oppression 2 SymbolicMasculine aggressive leader strong Feminine passive follower weak emotional 1IndividualNikki Giovanni live in the real world if we dont like it change itJune Jordan Grief could be avoided if people understand that partnership in misery doesnt provide partnership for changeVoyeurism Privileged people are passive onlookers to people in poverty Representing relationships of power How to stop Racism 1 Recognize differences in power and privilege2 Coalitions Alliance for a combined action3 Building Empathy and relationships for social change Critical Thinking and Thinking Critically Barbie Girls Versus Sea Monsters Michael Messner 3 Levels of Analysis Simultaneously mutually intertwined none supersede the other 1Performance of gender Thorne Interaction level how children perform gender and their contributions2Structure of gender Structural Context how do organizations like AYSO hold gender constrains 3Culture of genderCultural Symbol symbolic resources for the creation or categorical differences Argued pervious theoretical frameworks were helpful but limited Children are active agents in the creation of their worldsIn direct opposition to values adults are attempting to socialize them Gender play analyses the social process that children construct gender Group life with social relations Hochschild Magnified Moments episodes of heightened importance either epiphanies moments of intense glee of unusual insight or moments in which things go intensely but meaningfully wrongTeam NamesSeaMonsters 45 years old Greenblue Shoving nudging Parents main limits and dangers of theroies of performativity Gender performances are interpreted as free agents acting out the inevitable natural sex differences Their so differentStamping adult approval to the childrens actions Walters Performance of gender is never a simple voluntary act Children are active agentsHistorical social and political configurations that constrain or enable interactionsKellser and McKenna Analysis of gender as an everyday practical accomplishment of peoples interactions Zimmerman Peoples everyday interactions were doing gender public moment of Girl Power boys found displacement fears of feminine pollution Defined school as femine because they had rough play outside Constructing masculine dominance and feminine deference AYSO Barbie Second Wave Feminist Barbie symbolizes all that was oppressive about feminity Girl Powerdancing around the Barbie LEGO Feminine LEGO called LEGO friendsGoal was to give opportunity to girls but offended people by being gender specificBailey RichardsStephanie Cole Launched a petition to make LEGO commit to equality in marketing Slogan Come as you areAttempting to be genderneutral 21 men9 women on the board 133 men23 women are coaches Team managers were women snacks reminder calls Men are supported by women Men are the main decision makers 87 boys teams69 girls teams
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