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winter exam review

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000

KINE 1000: Exam review • PHOTO ID, PENCILS, WATER, DICTIONARY • COURSE READER 50%, LECTURE 50% • Main issues, main concepts and main arguments • Critical skills manual pg. 13-19 ESSAY QUESTIONS 2. Review the power reading, make map of how to answer it. Use examples from lecture or reading 3. Look up the word PHANTASM. 4. What made you feel uncomfortable… “all white people are racist” 6. Seeking pain, not pleasure- to feel sympathy for others. Tuned in and reaching out. Make peace reading 7. Power reading 8. Focus on sexuality and hederonorm unit. Sport for development and peace unit WINTER TOPICS - Sex and gender - Sexuality and heteronormativity - Sport, violence and race - Race and racism (1) - Race and racism (2) - Physical activity and International development - Plugged in and reaching out - Privilege - Sports, human rights and transformation REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. W
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