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Essay Questions – 2014 Final Exam 1. Research is not an innocent endeavor. The questions that researchers pursue do not always come out of thin air, but are frequently grounded in what researchers feel are ‘important,’ or ‘valuable.’ Drawing on Martin’s “The Egg and the Sperm” reading and Dr. Nakamura’s lecture on race, (1) demonstrate how research (i.e., questions, results, analysis, and/or interpretation) is shaped by sociocultural factors, and (2) discuss the effects of such research on our understanding of gender and race. 2. Abdel-Shehid and Kalman-Lamb (2011) write that "policing the line of the normal and trying to make others conform is one of the most important means by which power is maintained" (p. 167-168). Using examples from the course, illustrate how this policing and this maintenance of power occurs. 3. Stuart Hall (1990) wrote that: Identity is “not a mere phantasm either. It is something – not a mere trick of the imagination. It has its histories – and histories have their real, material and symbolic effects” (p. 226). Using the themes discussed in this course, illustrate how identity, be it class, gender, sexuality, race, etc., are not mere phantasm and have real effects. ­ PHANTASM: a figment of the imagination; an illusion or apparition 4. Explain what Professor Humana attempted to achieve with his presentation on White Privilege, Male Privilege? Why he insisted that neither the article nor he were bashing white males, as the title of the reading may suggest? According to him,
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