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exam notes on Power

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

Power RelationshipsArticleToward a New Vision Race Class and Gender as Categories of Analysis and ConnectionBy Patricia Hills CollinsOppression is full of such contradictionsevery group chooses the oppression that is most fundamental to them and then downplays all other oppressions There are no people that are pure victims or oppressors Every person has a piece of an oppressor within them thereforeThesis There is a need for a new way of thought and action We must reconceptualize race class and gender as categories of analysis And we must get passed the barriers we have built by these categories 2 ways she deals with this1 Reconceptualizing race class and gender as categories of analysis Dichotomous Thinkingits eitheror thinking and it ranks one side asdominant and the other as subordinatedichotomous thinking isadditive analyses of oppressionreferred to as In different cultures there will be more focus on oppression of race class or gender These three cat
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