the coach athlete relationship: how close is too close

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Kinesiology & Health Science
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Hernan Humana

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The Coach Athlete Relationship How close is too close Is a friendship between an athlete and their coach necessary for the sports goals they are trying to achieveAthletes spend more time with their coaches compared to students and their teachers and therefore personal relationship are more likely to occurRelationship Continuum o One endstrict athletecoach relationship without becoming friends o Other endcoachathlete relationship is sexual and romantic o There is a danger that the athlete may not want to be too friendly with their coachIntimate relationship o Positive aspects of intimacyunderstands the passion I have for the sport o What are the danger areasPower differential y Coaches position gives them the power to cut a player or demand training sessions y Relationship cannot be equal y Player may fear repercussions if they do not comply y Can lead to sexual harassmentConflict of interest y Unconsciously give
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