Sociology of Medicine

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Kinesiology & Health Science
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Hernan Humana

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Domain and DefinitionThe initial idea of medical sociology was an area of study that Robert Straus wanted to differentiate between in 1957 He believed that there was a difference between the sociology in medicine and the sociology of medicineSociology IN MedicineThis refers to the research and examination done by experts and professionals to develop ideas on such things as to why certain economic groups are more likely to get a certain sickness or disease or what effects some forms of therapy and rehabilitation will have on certain patients What this means is that they focus in more on the needs and interests of medicine Sociology OF MedicineThe sociology of medicine involves the analysis of the medical practice as a sociological system What this means is that it is explored as a segment of society just like education and religion where they have distinctive social institutions class and power relations norms values occupational structure role relationships and forms of interactionThese ideas arent as prevalent in todays society as it was in the time of Straus Now the dominant paradigm of medicine in the West is biomedicine The biomedical analysis of health illness and medicine is based on 6 assumptionsThe mind and body can be treated separately with the body being separate from the personThe body can be fixed by doctors who mend any problemsDue to the fact that diseases are considered technical defects innovations and technological interventions are essentialThe explanation of disease focus on biological changes with relative neglect of sociological and psychological aspectsA disease is caused by a infectious or transmissible agentMedicine is a objective science where doctors are considered neutral but in order for the exercise their profession properly they are given independence and authorityBased on these ideas health is characterized as the absence of illness or diseaseThe Lalonde Commission reports showed how little the impact medicine had on health yet however the government was putting so much money into it while not looking at human biology lifestyles and the environmentThe World Health Organization also stated health is a state of complete physical mental and socialwell being and not merely the absence of disease and illness This definition of health inspired the idea of health promotionThe ideas of disease illness and sickness are also ideas in which the definitions have been of great debate Disease is the physiological problem in the body Illness is the way a person responds of lives with the symptoms And sickness is the social response towards a disease and illnessDominant Paradigms in the Sociology of Health and MedicineThe Structural Functionalist Approach
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