Children Constructing Gender

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Hernan Humana

Barbie Girls Versus Sea Monsters Children Constructing GenderTop down approach of socialization theories tend to ignore the extent to which children are active agents in the creation of their worldsDevelopmental theories also had their limits due to their tendency to ignore group and contextual factors while overemphasizing the constitution and unfolding of individuals as boys or girlsWorking with emergent theories of performativity Thorne developed the concept of gender play to analyze the social processes through which children construct genderoLevel of analysis was not the individual but group lifewith social relations the organization and meanings of social situations the collective practices through which children and adults create and recreate gender in their daily interactionsoGender varies in salience from situation to situationThe performance of genderSince the publication of Judith Butlers influential Gender Trouble 1990 it has become increasingly fashionable among academic feminists to think of gender not as some thing that one has
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