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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Jennifer Kuk

SAMPLE QUESTIONS 1. How does oxygen get transported? Bound to hemoglobin 2. Which are all components of the conductive zone? Nose, larynx, trachea, bronchioles 3. During normal inhalation what occurs? External intercostal contract and the diaphragm does down, no muscle contract during exhalation 4. The blood leaving the pulmonary vein enters what structure? Left atrium 5. How does the oxygen unattach? Process of diffusion 6. Transit time is the amount of time: Available for diffusion 7. A doubling in Q will have what effect on VO2? Doubling of VO2 8. During maximal exercise who will have the higher CaO2? Trained 9. What increases in which factors are most likely to result in an increase in VO2 max? HR, more muscle, CvO2, number of capillaries… None of the above 10. What limits maximal exercise? Stroke volume and blood volume 11. When the LDL enter in the smooth muscle, the _____ oxidize it and become _____. White blood cells, foam cells 12. The most common ECG abnormality during exercise is ST- depression 13. What effect would carbohydrate loading have on your RER? Higher 14. All of these graphs can be used to find Tvent EXCEPT? Ve versus VCO2 15. What is the individuals Tvent? (graph- Ve vs VO2, l/min) 1500 ml/min 16. The procedure where a balloon is used to open blocked blood vessels: Angioplasties 17. In order to detect heart problems, what tests can you do? ECG, angiography and stress tests 18. John when to shoppers drug mart after having coffee with Suzy and measure his blood pressure. The reading was 130/100 mmHg. What would he be classified as? You can’t say for certain 19. What limits your VO2 ma
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